Why it's time we call it a day

As some of you would have known, since March we’ve announced our intention to downsize our current products and to focus on a smaller and premium inventory to cater to our customer.

While it has been a really difficult time and challenging moment for us, believe that we’ve tried everything we could to push forward for the launch of the newer collections.

However due to halted production and backlog of orders from our European suppliers for our new leather collection (that we’ve been teasing for god knows how long), and suppliers in Vietnam and Indonesia for customised leather products. We were given an indefinite time from our suppliers regarding the fulfilment for our orders.
We’ve placed our order in January, and due to the nature of all the products being handmade and lack of staff on work at the production facility due to holidays, we were given a lead time of 3 months. And going in March where widescale lockdown was placed through Europe. Our orders was eventually never fulfilled until date, and we’ve decided not to proceed as it will cause delays and we were at an uncertain position for us to go ahead, burning our order deposit along the way.

We have tried looking into suppliers up north at Thailand and even China, however that would open up uncertainties in terms of quality, service, and delivery of products for our quality control.

In the end, it was a tough decision for us to make for DialsAndStraps. But we will be calling it a day by the end of Q3 2020, once all current stocks are sold out.

As for all orders placed now, it will be of a Buy 1 Free 1 policy, in which the free strap will be of random strap; equal model, size and value. (eg. Purchase of Premium Slim Sand will be given Premium Slim Grey or similar). Free shipping applies for orders RM80 and above. We will also be giving a single piece of watch case for orders above RM100.

All existing international orders which was not fulfilled due to the parcel restriction for international parcels, will be given additional straps, at no charges.

Since the initial announcement of our downsizing initiative, we did not raise any price, only markdowns. We remain sincere in our choice to give the best price.
It was a pleasure being able to serve great and wonderful customers of the watchfam for the past few years. We are immensely thankful for each and every customer (turned friends!) that we had. Allowing us to grow and learn while we improve day by day over the tiny mistakes we make. Thank you to every single one of you for all the great memories since 2014.
with best wishes from
Darren and Lydia.

What does this mean for us?
Although not officially announced, all orders made in July are shipped with an equal amount and value of free straps.
So please enjoy the offer, as it is the best that we can do at times.
What if you guys run away?
We’re posting up to liquidate all existing stocks in our inventory, not taking pre-orders. So in that way rest assured that we’re updating our stock system on a daily basis to ensure that the straps you guys ordered are available. We will proceed with refunds in cash if we can’t fulfil your order. Your trust and satisfaction is our top priority as we go through this.

What if everything you planned went south?

We know things are uncertain, and can change any time. However this decision came about after thinking thoroughly over time, and we’re very certain of our decision.

2020 marks our sixth year, we went from our first batch of 20 straps, to participating in SneakerLAH back to back, with a humble beginning of my small bedroom, to an office located at Damansara.
The point is that we do not try to put the blame to anyone, as we would never have expected any of this to happen. Things will come and go, and the things that you plan couldn’t be mitigated even with as much planning as you can make.
We started this as a hobby, and it has forever been our vision since then to be able to provide the best value on all our products for the money you’re paying.