Where is DialsAndStraps located?

We are located in the capital of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur 

I am new to NATO,ZULU and Perlon straps in general. What are the differences between them?


We currently offer 3 types of NATO strap, all of which has 1 buckle and 3 keepers :-

Standard NATO
Camo Nato

  • Standard NATO measures at 1.2mm in thickness and is 28cm in length and comes in Stainless Steel hardware.
  • PVD NATO is exactly the same as Standard NATO but uses PVD coated (matte black) hardware instead of a polished or brushed finish
  • Camo NATO has the same specification as both Standard NATO and PVD NATO but has camouflage colourway, patterns of the camouflage is unique to each strap. They come in Stainless Steel hardware.

The material of our NATO straps is Nylon


Our Zulu straps measures at 1.5mm thickness sand is 28cm in length. We offer Matte Silver & PVD finishing for its hardware. They come with 1 buckle and 4 buckles (2 on its extra flap). Distinct feature of the Zulu strap is its Ring shaped hardware. The material used is medium weaved ballistic nylon, hence best suited for rugged usage for it’s strength.

The material of our ZULU straps is Nylon


Our Perlon straps are sourced and manufactured in Europe. The strap is 1mm thickness and 27cm in length. The length can be adjusted via the buckles and the strap is free sized which means easy fitting on your wrist. 


Our Premium NATO Collection comes in two different series of model, Thicc and Slim. Both of the model comes in premium hardware available in PVD Brushed, Polished, and Brushed Hardware. All buckles and keepers are Stainless Steel. The material of the Premium NATO Strap are of high weaved nylon that provides that smooth finish known as the "seatbelt material"

What are the difference between the Thicc and Slim strap?

Length and Fitting290mm with 11 holes for fitment290mm with 13 holes for fitment
BuckleThick and wider buckle tongueSlimmer buckle tongue
Nylon WebbingThicker and Rugged smooth webbingSilky smooth and soft webbing

S VS T 03.jpgS VS T 02.jpgS VS T 04.JPGS VS T 01.JPG

How do I know what size is my watch? 

Sizing is determined from the lug width of your watch, you can check it by:-

1. Measuring the lug width using the cm size of the ruler. “Lug width” is the space in between the two watch legs.

2. If you are unsure of the size you may try to Google your watch name and model and search for the lug width on the specification. But still the best way would be to measure it by method No.1

What happens if I have an odd size lug size (such as 21mm)? What strap size should I order?

Most retailers including us only carry even size straps. We would recommend you to order a size larger, (21mm lug with 22mm strap) as the strap would fit a little tighter but would be better than having minor gaps if you order a size smaller. 

If you would have order with a 20mm, your watch may move and shift around while on your wrist causing discomfort.

Is there a warranty for your straps?

Nylon NATO straps are obviously not designed to last forever, however the straps that we offer can be worn over periods of time in various conditions. NATO straps have been holding up better than the majority of straps available online today. Either way, our goal is 100% Satisfaction, we will see to it that our customers are always satisfied in the end. We urge you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our products.

When can I receive my order after payment? 

Please refer to our Shipping Information here:


What is your Return/Exchange policy?

Please refer to our Return/Exchange Policy here: 


I just received my order and I think one of the items is defective. What should I do?

Please contact us with a description of the defect and a picture (send to info@natostrapco.com) if possible. We will do our best to help you!

What if my question is not answered here?

Send us an email at contact@dialsandstraps.com, we will do our best to reply you from there. 

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